My responses to question posed by BCAHPED

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  1. What steps will you take to ensure quality physical education in Broward Schools? I believe that all students should have a well rounded educational experience, mental. Physical and socio-emotional.  I worked alongside the Commmit2bfit program, particularly in the Boyd Anderson Zone.  I have reviewed quite a bit of current research aligning appropriate healthy lifestyle decision-making with community well-being and reduction of inappropriate or violent behavior in communities.  I think physical education, along with the Arts and other ‘specials’ are critical to the positive growth and educational experience of our youth.  I am absolutely open to dialogue on how we can insure this happening for our students.
  2. What would you propose to raise the quality of physical education in Broward County?  Please ‘educate’ me as to the organization’s position on how to raise the quality of physical education in our county.  You are the experts – I am the person to analyze the expert’s proposal and attempt to provide support.  I certainly believe that a rigorous curriculum aligned with passionate teachers is critical to the effort.
  3. A large percentage of elementary Physical Education programs have been cut or reduced to 50 percent. What would you propose to correct this travesty?  As I have said many times, we need to – as a county – determine what are teaching and learning strategies are…..what are the commitments we intend to make for our students…what are the expected outcomes of those compacts….and them –as leaders – do everything we can do to ‘draw a line in the sand’ that represents that stand we will take to insure that our convictions are real and not simply hollow words.  One way to do that is to first build the teaching and learning strategy and then budget to it, rather building a business budget and teaching and learning with the dollars that happen to be left over.

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