THE DIRTY DOZEN: Common Everyday Actions That Assholes Use

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  1. Personal Insults
  2. Invading One’s ‘Personal Territory’
  3. Uninvited Physical Contact
  4. Threats And Intimidation, Both Verbal And Non-Verbal
  5. Sarcastic Jokes And Teasing Used As Insult Delivery Systems
  6. Withering E-Mail Flames
  7. Status Slaps Intended To Humiliate Their Victims
  8. Public Shaming Or Status Degradation Rituals
  9. Rude Interruptions
  10. Two-Faced Attacks
  11. Dirty Looks
  12. Treating People As If They Are Invisible

The No Asshole Rule by Robert I. Sutton, PhD


Where am I

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I do not usually use this blog for venting my personal stuff…in fact, I do not use this blog for very much.  I guess that I am trying something new.  I have reached an interesting point:  a crossroads of sorts, a tipping point perhaps.  I am rather intelligent with a still quick mind and a fairly highly developed moral code.  At the same time, I am not sure that I fit anywhere!  I wonder what I have brought to the world and to my community and to those that are important to me?  I will hear all of the platitudes from people but so what?  How do I feel as an American of advanced age, without financial stability, with newly discovered health concerns, without a daily mission?

I / we are bombarded daily with sad evidence of our cultural lack of community concern and civility.  I admit to feeling hurt and angered by this situation and it further creates emotional unrest for me.  I feel powerless!



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